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What have cyclists ever done for cars? Here's what. (notes)

In fact, contrary to popular belief, Cyclists are not getting a free ride. ...and the cost of owning a car isn't quite as small as you might think. Here's what might happen if cyclists did own the road. There is no war on cars, but perhaps there should be. 10 Best Bike Advocacy Videos of 2015

In 2001 I dove in with both feet into the recumbent cycling community by provoking Ian Sims of Greenspeed to design and build a new model, a convertible solo/tandem recumbent tadpole trike. I have the first production unit of the GTV. It had an adventure when it got stolen.

Recumbents are aerodynamically superior to UCI designs, with a history starting about a century ago when fairings were banned in 1914, then recumbents banned by UCI in 1934. Things really took off in 1974 with the formation of the IHPVA. Here's a graph of the progression of top speed record (measured over 200 meters).

I've started throwing together a reference page on bicycle lighting with strong emphasis on hub dyamos and homebrew lights.


In 2021 I started a tradition of doing a ride past the base of the four local ski hills in the Outaouais: Cascades, Edelweiss, Vorlage, Fortune just after they all close for the season.

I have done many short trips of two days up to 350 km including up to the CAMMAC music centre (route, delete Presqu'ile, via Cumberland/Masson ferry) in the Laurentians in Quebec north of Montreal every year since 1986. More recently, we've done the trip on our trike train ("caterpillar"). That complete trike train has spent 2015-2018 in India. In 2021, I did the trip with our canoe.

I've also done the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour about a half dozen times, mostly self-supported. Carole has also independently done this tour several times.

I did a trip from Victoria to Montreal in July-August 1991 with my bestest buddy Andrew Van Iterson. It was a fundraiser for USC Canada for their "Seeds for Survival" project in Ethiopia, raising $7500 in conjunction with visits to many Unitarian congregations en route. I have photos which have not yet been scanned from that trip and I will add text to it when I do finally scan them. So far, there are two photos from that trip. The first is in Victoria at Mile 0 of the Trans-Canada Highway. Here is another memorable moment when we crossed the Manitoba-Ontario border (photo)

In 1993, I did a one year trip abroad to Australia with my bicycle, stopping in Hawaii, the Cook Islands, New Zealand and Fiji and covered about 6500km. The photo at left was taken in Evandale, Tasmania, the home of the National Penny Farthing Championships.

In 1998, Carole and I spent our Honeymoon cycling in Cuba for a month, covering about 1000km from Havana to Santiago de Cuba.

Since at least April 2000 in Canberra, there's been a Hacker Bike Ride...

In August 2001 I was in Amsterdam several times and really appreciated their bicycle infrastructure, in particular, the bicycle parking at Centraal Station, Amsterdam's main inter-city train station. There are photos here and here.

In April 2002, Carole and I did a 6-day trip by tandem trike from London to Bristol, UK, of about 400km by back roads. We were able to take in the British Human Power Club meet at Milton Keynes on 2002-04-06. We were also able to take in the museum at Bletchley Park.

I had an opportunity to ride Harry Musson's penny farthing in Ottawa's Harvest Noir fancy pop-up picnic

In 2018 while posted to India, the family did a 3-day 200km bicycle trip from Jaipur (Rajasthan) to Alwar (just south of Delhi), visiting as many baolis(stepwells) as we could, adding three to the atlas. Photos are coming...

I finally managed to try OCTranspo's Rack and Roll at the Crichton Community Council's 2nd annual Bike Rodeo.

We bought a 20' tandem fibreglass kayak that I went to pick up in Westboro. It stuck out more than 4' past each end of the trike. I got lots of space on the road.

I'm currently dreaming in Technicolour(TM) about a bicycle trip to connect all the Child Haven International homes in Bangladesh, Tibet, Nepal and India for sometime around 2028. Company for parts or all the trip would be most welcome.

We're members of Warm Showers, a network of touring cyclists, through which we have had the pleasure of hosting some very interesting people such as

Unfortunately, since 2015, the WS board has become more and more opaque, with little accountability to its members, close sourcing its web and mobile platforms and locking out those contributors and requiring a membership fee for new members. This IT part is particularly difficult for me given my career commitment to open source. The organization seems to be adverse to difficult questions, suspending and even banning long standing members with the justification of "disparging comments". Here is the documentation about that WarmShowers Hostile Takeover. We'll move on to other HospEx platforms that are open such as BeWelcome, TrustRoots cyclists, WelcomeToMyGarden, CyclePlanet.

This video really sums up very well my attraction to bicycle touring.

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There seem to be quite a few people interested in HPVs in Ottawa...

The Conservation Co-op in which Carole and I lived for more than 7 years has an awesome bicycle parking garage with a capacity for about 110 bicycles in lieu of indoor car parking. It is well-lit, accessible from street level and is secure. It is accessible enough that I can drive the tandem trike directly in, with the canoe in place.

Security: The Abus WBA100 concrete anchor looks like a good way to attach bikes to concrete surfaces.

Not owning a car has provoked me to be a bit more creative about how to carry cargo and I've taken some delight in documenting how I carry a wide variety of cargo on various human powered vehicles. Our two primary cargo workhorses are XtraCycle FreeRadical conversions.

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