Child Haven Bicycle Tour


This is the early dreaming/planning stage for a bicycle tour that will connect all the Child Haven International homes. I'll likely be aiming for year 2026 or later.

It looks to be at least 6000km if not 7000. I'm guessing it will be at least 4 months if not 6.

I'm hoping to do any small part up to all of this with family, friends, volunteers, supporters, interested parties, local staff and kids.

My interest in this project combines two interests experiences and passions: bicycle touring and volunteer work in Child Haven homes. I was a volunteer in the Bhaktapur home in 1997 and our family made frequent visits to the Maitreya home while on a 3-year diplomatic posting in New Delhi 2015-2018. I've done long distance bicycle touring starting in high school including cross-Canada and Australia, Cuba, UK, New Zealand, Hawai'i.

Proposed route: