Annual Summer Retreat

You can read about Conference '96 and Retreat '97. The later even has pictures.

Retreat '98


Annual Mid-Summer Retreat of the
Ottawa-Outaouais Men's Ritual Group

July 23-26, 1997
Cost $120 or $40 per day.

Shared cooking, cleaning, accommodation or bring your tent.
Registration $40. Space for about 25 men.

This is the fourth annual summer get-together organized by our group. While
the Men's Network for Change is no longer, the MNC (1989-97) core values
(pro-feminist, gay affirmative, anti-racist, male positive) and the
Grindstone Men's Conferences (1984-1991) process guidelines (10 ways to
practice mutual respect) live on. Among other places, these get expression
in the fall conference in Kingston, (1985- and still going..) and in our
men's mid-summer retreat.

Our quarterly ritual group which began in the fall of '92, has an
attendance of 8 to 15 men. Members of the group are engaged in a great
variety of fronts including the issues of the environment, education,
parenting, the arts, gender, spirituality, local economic development,
co-operative housing, fair-trade etc. Our commonality is a desire to
maintain a creative space for the nurture of our own well-being and of each
other; a point of silence in the midst of a cacophony of actions.

So should you come to this event? If any of the following resonates
consider yourself a candidate.

*Men working in a great variety of ways against sexism, patriarchy and
homophobia, and are opposed to the many forms of violence in our world.

*Men who want to continue to explore the experiences that promote
co-creative relationships: offer healing, bodywork,experience men's
spirituality, develop boundless resources of loving energy and nurture the
feeling of community that is fun, respectful, open and caring.

*Men involved with movements of social economic justice in Canada and

*Men who are fathers working hard to be responsible parents, in committed
relationships or as single parents.


There is a power in these two words that is not often available to us. These are two realities that in recent history have often been considered mutually exclusive, especially in the view of mainstream religions. Past men's gatherings have explored one or the other of these with exciting results.

At a recent gathering of our Ottawa group, one man told us about his exploration in the process of integrating sexuality and spirituality in his life. There ensured a lively sharing. We wanted to open the sharing up to a wider group of men.


*Thursday Evening: A leisurely time to unwind and let go.

*Friday Morning and Afternoon: The format of this day is open to the
inventiveness of the men who attend. There may be men who just want to
spend time hiking on the escarpment, lying on the beach or out on the
river. This is a chance to network, try a different experience or just
recharge your elan vital. Any men wanting to offer a workshop or organize a group are invited to do so.

*Friday Evening: Opening Circle with a Welcome and Sharing

*Saturday Morning: Sexuality and Spirituality -Roundtable and Sharing

*Saturday Afternoon: Interest Groups (These are suggested by participants and can be scheduled beforehand or come out of the Roundtable) and Recreation (Beach volleyball anyone?)

*Saturday Night: The Party

*Sunday Morning: General Reflections Closing Circle

Retreat update? Visit mensnet at

or contact: Ken Fisher, c/o Wanaki
133 avenue des Plages Pontiac (Luskville) QC J0X 2G0
voice (819) 455-9295 fax (819) 455-9213 e-mail

Sexuality and Spirituality - Annual Men's Retreat July 23-26
hosted by Wanaki Men's Ritual Group
c/o Ken Fisher, Wanaki-on-the-Ottawa 133 avenue des Plages
Pontiac (Luskville) QC J0X 2G0
tel. 819-455-9295 fax. 819-455-9213 e-mail

We will be organizing the annual event for '98. Info will be available here. Contact us if you would like info or would like to contribute to the plans.