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Most of my images are colour, having been terrified of b&w initially. I started to address this fear with a couple of fine art B&W printing courses, in the lab then in digital, separated by a decade. I started with landscape and architecture because I was shy and uncomfortable capturing images of people, then consciously moved to capturing images of people I was when planning volunteer work in orphanage in Nepal. My photography tends to be mostly travel, community and natural surroundings.

I am an open source advocate, so all digital processing has been done using open source tools.

I want to encourage people to appreciate what they have and to look at things from different and unusual perspectives.

I had a strong interest as a child, having used a 110 instamatic, a Polariod, then inherited dad's 1957 Braun SuperPaxette 35mm rangefinder. I went briefly to a Minolta SRT-202 semi-automatic SLR, then launched into an autofocus SLR film system for solar car rayce photography.

Like every artist, there are images of which I am proud that do little for others, and other images I might delete to which others are attracted. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Todo: Pull together a moderate on-line portfolio...

Here are some examples of published work...

Here are some favourite sets:

Most of my photos are here.

Here's what I was using before I settled on the Canon EOS AF system:

In February or March 2002, when I heard that Canon was going to release the D60, I put in a request at Ginn Photographic for a used D30. On the day I left for 2.5 weeks in the UK, I got a phone call from them referring me to one of their customers who had expressed an interest in the D60 and was looking for a buyer for his studio-only-used D30. I bought it for $1600 almost a week after returning from the UK.

Here are some old cameras I inherited

Here's my current gear list:

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