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I would suggest that you show a link to the magazine Achilles Heel
magazine, which has been working for the anti-sexist men's movement
since 1978. The website is My own book -
Healing the Male Psyche - is linked from there.
Best wishes
John Rowan

We'd appreciate it very much if you would add our feminist anti-psychiatry
e-list to your website, It's the first e-list of this kind, as far as we
know, and originates out of Canada, although our members come from all over
the globe.

The e-list is called LUNATRIX-L and to subscribe, please send mail to:




in the body of the message

Hello -

Over the last few months I have been working on an international
grass roots organizing project in cyberspace which will hopefully
have some important real world implications.

I have been collaborating with Robert Markey, a tireless and
experienced activist who founded "Witness to Violence" to address
issues of violence against women.

We are targeting the sex trafficking of women and girls from Nepal
to the brothels of India as well as rape and sexual harassment of
women tourists by tour guides in Nepal, and have created a web site
as a resource on these issues. We welcome comments, ideas and


For information + call for papers:

We are setting up a "European Profeminist Men's Network"
with the University of Toulouse
= a research/action partly sponsored by the European Commission
Key words: violence, abuse, harassment, male domination, patriarchy,
homophobia, masculinity.
You may contact us to these addresses:
and (Daniel Welzer-Lang University of Toulouse)

The Network will also start this Automn the "European White Ribbon
(Men Working to end Men's Violence Against Women) in collaboration with the
WRC from Canada (, the Norway' WRC , "Les
Traboules" (Toulouse) and "Mannsarde" (Berlin).

To set up this Network and start the EWRC we are looking for
correspondants, partners and information.
We plane especially to set up at least one Focus Point or Reference Centre
in each country in Europe
(being also part to the international network).
- Would you be interested to be part of these projects?
And/or do you know other people and organisations who may be interested?
Would you lile to stay in contact with us?

Would you like to be on the next CD-Rom ? (1000 copies send to main
universities, institutions, NGOs)
Present your organisation, your work, your project.
Send articles, newsletters, books (abstracts or entire books),
bibliography, list of contacts, even videos
before JULY 15 for our next "Free shared CD-Rom Library" N?2 (and before
October for the N?3).
(Updated documents from our previous CD-Rom "City Citizenship and Gender"
- March 98 - will be also on this CD-Rom - co-financed by Unesco and the
French Speaking Community of Belgium - ask copy to the Equal opportunities
unit: e.mail: )
If you a have a Web Site, are you ok that we present it on the CD-Rom?
(downloaded from Internet)

Thank to contact us soon
Best regards
Daniela Adorna and Roland Mayerl

Roland Mayerl & Daniela Adorna Diaz
City & Shelter
40 rue d'Espagne B-1060 Brussels Belgium
tel/fax: +32-2-534.77.35
e.mail :
For more information about C&S:

Dear friends,

The journal Masculinities has just been re-launched, under the title "Men
and Masculinities". It's published by Sage, and edited by Michael Kimmel.
Volume 1 Number 1 (July 1998) includes;

Connell, R.W. "Masculinities and globalization"

Clatterbaugh, Kenneth "What is problematic about masculinities?"

Holden, Jonathan "Mama's boys"

Lunbeck, Elizabeth "American psychiatrists and the modern man, 1900 to 1920"

Bordo, Susan "Pills and power tools" (on Viagra etc)

Bankart, C. Peter "The role of the men's movement at the all-male college:
Challenge and opportunity"