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Pro-feminist, Gay Affirmative, Anti-Racist, Male Positive

This network links many paths:

1. Men working in a great variety of ways against sexism, patriarchy and homophobia, and are opposed to the many forms of violence in our world.

2. Men who want to continue to explore the experiences that promote co-creative relationships: offer healing, bodywork,experience men's spirituality, develop boundless resources of loving energy and nurture the feeling of community that is fun, respectful, open and caring.

3. Men involved with movements of social and economic justice in Canada and internationally.

4. Men who are fathers, making efforts to be responsible, loving parents, in committed relationships or as single dads

Membership Info

Annual fee is $5 and includes one year subscription to the Newsletter.

For more info send a message to:
Or mail your check and info to:
133 avenue des Plages, PONTIAC (Luskville), QC, J0X 2G0

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