The MNC Yellow Pages

This page is offered as a service for all MNC members. If you are looking to buy, sell or exchange something we will list it here.
MNC members are encouraged to send us information on goods or services that they want to advertise.

Have a look

  1. Challenging Men Toward Safety and Responsibility in Their Primary Relationships- Changing Ways has just published a very comprehensive counsellor's manual based on our studies of numerous men's programs and based on the evolution of our own program.
  2. 'heartBEAT''- free loan of a promotional video (Bill Usher & friends in concert) that "explores the emotionally rocky terrain of growing up - from teenagerto middleager, from childhood to parenthood..."
  3. Webpage Consulting: COMplus Consulting (Terry Boyd and Joseph Dunlop-Addley)
  4. Anti-Virus Software: Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus (Michael Deloughery)
  5. Bed and Breakfast: Wanaki Bed & Breakfast on the Ottawa River (Ken Fisher)

Send us your info and mention it is for The MNC Yellow Pages