What is the MNC?

The Men's Network for Change was founded by men, who had participated in the Grindstone and Kingston Men's Conferences or men's support groups, to create a clear space for pro-feminism. The first MNC gathering was in Orangeville in the spring of 1989. There are now MNC members all over Canada.

We are committed to working against sexism and patriarchy in Canadian Society. We have consensus on the following positions:
Ending Men's Violence against women, children, ourselves, other men and our earth.
Men are not inately violent. Violent behaviour is learned, and thus alternatives to violence must be taught and demonstrated. "Men's silence is the oxygen that fuels men's violence." Ray Jones

Reproductive Choice as a women's right.
We want a world in which gender relations are based on equality. We are opposed to any law or practice that gives men control over women's bodies. We fully support women's right to all reproductive choices.

Men and Children
We, as men, have a responsibility to enhance our nurturing and parenting of our children. In times of divorce, we are opposed to mandatory access, mediation and joint custody. While respecting sole custody, we recognize its limits. We espouse a gender-neutral approach to the assessment of custody.

Sexual Orientation
Lesbians, gay men and bisexuals have the right to full participation in our society without discrimination at work, in the home or community. We encourage members to challenge homophobia, and we invite all people to examine their attitudes and behaviour concerning sexual orientation and to build relations based on mutual respect.

Programs for Violent Men
We strongly support funding for Programs for Violent Men that link men's violence to men's domination of women and to the workings of male-dominated societies. To be effective, these programs must aim to enhance men's lives by understanding that the dominant definitions of masculinity are harmful not only to women and children but to ourselves.

The MNC provides coast-to-coast support and interchange for locally engaged pro-feminist men.