FreeS/WAN IPSec for Linux, EurOpen/USENIX, NordU2000, RGB
Challenges/Solutions Table of Contents


  1. Get distribution
  2. Unpack distribution
  3. Read documentation
  4. Get a kernel (2.0.38 or 2.2.13, 2.2.15pre4+ or 2.3.29+)
  5. Configure kernel for your site, saving config
  6. Compile/Install kernel
  7. Boot new kernel
  8. Test it, verifying functionality of network
  9. If the previous step has not been performed *and passed*, your warranty is void
  10. Compile/install FreeS/WAN utilities and patches
  11. Configure FreeS/WAN kernel, saving configuration
  12. Install FreeS/WAN kernel
  13. Setup run-time configuration
  14. Reboot with new FreeS/WAN kernel
  15. Test

Last modified by Richard Guy Briggs on February 10th, 2000.